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By on July 29, 2017

What parents can do to combat bullying on and offline:

Children and teenagers who are being cyberbullied often spend long hours on the computer and are secretive about internet activities. They may undergo behavioral and psychological changes, such as becoming withdrawn or crying for no apparent reason. Their grades might slip and they may misbehave in school.

Here are a number of strategies that parents can employ to combat cyberbullying and bullying:

  • Remain calm and let them know you trust and support them.
  • Talk to them about the hazards of online friendships and sharing personal information like home address and phone numbers.
  • Encourage them to be as polite to others online as they are offline.
  • Do not accept the bullying behavior as a problem your child has to live with. The bullying behaviour is the responsibility of the bully, not the child being bullied.
  • Enlist the help of the principal, teacher or school counsellor.
  • Encourage your child to keep a log of all communication. If the bullying doesn’t stop, inform your internet service provider, cell phone provider and/or the local police.
  • Encourage them to speak up if they see someone else being bullied.
  • If you suspect your child is bullying others, let them know their behaviour is not acceptable and must stop.